Monday, May 03, 2010

'Crystal' Days for Florence + the Machine

One of my favorite finds in music in the last year is Florence + the Machine. She's an engaging mix of Stevie Nicks, Siouxsie, Kate Bush and Morrissey and I simply cannot get enough of her debut album, Lungs.

When I was living in New York in the last six months, I spent a many train rides to and from my job in Stamford, Conn. with this album on repeat. My friend Sarah and I had the chance to catch her perform to a sold-out House of Blues crowd here in the Windy City in mid-April and again, the London-bred songstress twirled and flailed across the stage, punching the air or her single snare drum to the left of the mic. Seriously, Miss Florence Welch is perfectly mad and madly perfect.

I'm glad to hear that a second album is already in the works and according to The BBC, it sounds like it's going to be another magical follow-up to Lungs.

Welch said: "There's a song called "Spectrum," which has a lot to do with rainbows and prisms - so it has taken on a lot more of a crystal theme." ... "I did a song inspired by these two atomic particles called strangeness and charm, now everyone thinks I'm going to do an album about the periodic table - which I'm not." ... "But that would be a good concept album though. You could go into schools and get people back into science."


In the meantime, here's a look at the video for "Drumming Song," one of my favorites.

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