Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adam Ant Returns?

So there's been some recent news about Adam Ant coming up from the surfaces to record his first album in 15 years. It's apparently titled Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar In Marrying the Gunner's Daughter and will be released on Ant's own Blueback Hussar label. [NME]

While some are calling the comeback complete rubbish, supposedly an ex-member of Oasis (I guess it's Andy Bell, also of Ride *swooooon*) will be on the album as will his longtime collaborator and guitarist Marco Pirroni and Morrissey axeman Boz Boorer.

I won't lie. I enjoyed 1995's Wonderful (Boorer played on it) and the flawless title track remains a favorite. But of course, it's his earlier material fronting Adam and the Ants, Dirk Wears White Sox and King of the Wild Frontier, that established his place as one of the leading figures of the new wave movement. Prince Charming and Strip also had some memorable moments.

Say what you want about comebacks. Some work, some don't. Adam Ant comes back to the rock and roll fray at age 55. Call him brave, call him batty, but after all the public scrutiny he's endured over the years, especially after his bouts with mental illness, I think it's impressive. And in the press, he's always come across as sweet and likeable, not to mention his host of hits.

Simon Price's interview with him at The Quietus blog is fantastically entertaining. Ant is very candid and chortles on about his recent shows in his native England, why he's doing this now, that awkward Live-Aid performance, and wanting to kick Liam Gallagher's ass. He remains as lovely as ever.

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