Monday, March 08, 2010

The Wait

I've been on a pretty massive Killing Joke kick as of late and *just* purchased tix to their May 29th show at the Empty Bottle in my soon-to-be-home of Chicago. My dear friend Alex at Flaming Pablum just informed me this morning that I won't be seeing KJ after all, for the band has pushed their new album and tour back to September. BOO!

Youth commented via his own MySpace page. Here's a snippet:

"It is with great pain that the band have had to postpone the European and American tour until later in the year. We are 3 months overdue in delivering this album! I think it could very well be the greatest album we have ever made. The reasons why we are so over due are many...not least because we have so many contender tracks and that they deserve the attention to detail that we are now giving them. We have survived equipment being hijacked, tapes being withheld, nervous breakdowns, family bereavements, blood lettings and a host of other challenges of biblical proportions ... She has been an ambitious album to manifest and we are now at the final ascent and i have to say its one of the greatest albums i have had the privilege to be involved with ...EVER! ... Despite the frustration and inconvenience of having to wait for this and having to re-arrange the next few months schedule to accommodate these changes, I am sure it will be worth it ... Massive apologies to those who have rearrange their schedules and lives around this turn of events."

For more, including Big Paul Ferguson's comments, click here.

Here's hoping all goes smoothly between now and September.

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