Sunday, March 21, 2010

Linder: Morrissey's BFF

Morrissey interviews Linder Sterling aka Linder in the March 2010 issue of Interview magazine. The former frontwoman of '70s art punk act, Ludus, who's also made a career as a visual artist and performance artist, chats about how she and Moz first met, the influences and meanings behind her art, the sexuality found in her many collages, and more.

"I grew up with pop, and pop will die as you and I die—if not before. When I was young, everything was neat and tidy, except for me. I have never felt clean inside, and I never felt beautiful." — Linder

Quite an interesting and peculiar read. You can see how she and Morrissey bounce off one another. Her photography book on Morrissey, the now out-of-print Morrissey Shot, is quite incredible.

Did you know that the Smiths song "I Won't Share You" is about Linder? L-L-l-oooove.

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