Sunday, March 21, 2010

Linder: Morrissey's BFF

Morrissey interviews Linder Sterling aka Linder in the March 2010 issue of Interview magazine. The former frontwoman of '70s art punk act, Ludus, who's also made a career as a visual artist and performance artist, chats about how she and Moz first met, the influences and meanings behind her art, the sexuality found in her many collages, and more.

"I grew up with pop, and pop will die as you and I die—if not before. When I was young, everything was neat and tidy, except for me. I have never felt clean inside, and I never felt beautiful." — Linder

Quite an interesting and peculiar read. You can see how she and Morrissey bounce off one another. Her photography book on Morrissey, the now out-of-print Morrissey Shot, is quite incredible.

Did you know that the Smiths song "I Won't Share You" is about Linder? L-L-l-oooove.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 'Muppet' Madness

March Madness is here my dear blogosphere friends and it's my favorite time of year! You know, it's where 65 college basketball teams battle for the NCAA championship title. My beloved Michigan State Spartans nearly had it last year, but lost to the North Carolina Tar Heels, who by the way, didn't make the tourney this year. Um, what?

Anyways, I love this! Apparently someone who loves college basketball and the Muppets does too. If you're not too cool, check out the 2010 Muppet Madness Tournament.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Because it's St. Patrick's Day

My favorite holiday is nearly over, but I'd like to celebrate with a little Waterboys, who joined The Frames for a performance of "Be My Enemy" in 2001. Fantastic stuff from two of my very favorite bands.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shamrock shortage?

St. Patrick's Days is less than 24 hours away and many around the U.S. and Ireland will be wearing some incarnation of the beloved holiday's treasured shamrock tomorrow.

Not so fast. Apparently there's shamrock shortage going on in Ireland, says Irish Central.

Botanist Dr. Declan Doogue of the Royal Irish Academy says the "shamrock was 'hit hard' by the severe winter weather and 'won't be easily found" this week. He also said the national plant was under threat because of modern farming methods.

The growth of the shamrock was delayed, like many plants, because of "frost damage" and that fake shamrocks would be used in its place.

So maybe wear a pin tomorrow?


Friday, March 12, 2010

PS 22 + Phoenix

Last fall I posted a clip featuring New York City's Public School 22 singing "Pictures of You" by the Cure. Most recently, they covered Phoenix's "Lisztomania" and it's soooooo wonderful. Just check out the kids' reaction to singing the song.

Again, the P.S. 22 Chorus is comprised of 70 fifth graders, and they've covered songs by Coldplay, Fleetwood Mac, Tori Amos, Crowded House and more. They're pretty special. I wish my future kids could experience this!

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Monday, March 08, 2010


My dear friend Briana received this little gem from her former roommate Maria. And like me, Briana is a loyal Morrissey fan. When we first met we bonded over our love for the Moz. How cool is this? So freakin' cool!

UPDATE: Maria got her cross-stitch idea from this fantastic Morrissey art-centric blog, Draw Morrissey. THIS IS SO GREAT!

Morrissey also just issued a video for "Ganglord," which is by far the most killer track on his latest B-sides collection, Swords. Have a look.

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Got cake?

Sharing the brilliance of Married to the Sea.

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Ready for Spring

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.

-- Indian Proverb

[Photo taken by my Mom in my parents' yard, summer 2009]


The Wait

I've been on a pretty massive Killing Joke kick as of late and *just* purchased tix to their May 29th show at the Empty Bottle in my soon-to-be-home of Chicago. My dear friend Alex at Flaming Pablum just informed me this morning that I won't be seeing KJ after all, for the band has pushed their new album and tour back to September. BOO!

Youth commented via his own MySpace page. Here's a snippet:

"It is with great pain that the band have had to postpone the European and American tour until later in the year. We are 3 months overdue in delivering this album! I think it could very well be the greatest album we have ever made. The reasons why we are so over due are many...not least because we have so many contender tracks and that they deserve the attention to detail that we are now giving them. We have survived equipment being hijacked, tapes being withheld, nervous breakdowns, family bereavements, blood lettings and a host of other challenges of biblical proportions ... She has been an ambitious album to manifest and we are now at the final ascent and i have to say its one of the greatest albums i have had the privilege to be involved with ...EVER! ... Despite the frustration and inconvenience of having to wait for this and having to re-arrange the next few months schedule to accommodate these changes, I am sure it will be worth it ... Massive apologies to those who have rearrange their schedules and lives around this turn of events."

For more, including Big Paul Ferguson's comments, click here.

Here's hoping all goes smoothly between now and September.

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sick of Goodbyes

This morning I woke up to the most sad news I've heard in a long, long time. Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse took his own life on Saturday, March 6. He was 47.

From The Los Angeles Times:

North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Mark Linkous, who recorded under the name Sparklehorse, has committed suicide, his family said. Known most recently as part of the Danger Mouse and David Lynch collaboration "Dark Night of the Soul," which will finally see an official album release this year, Linkous specialized in a somewhat dreamy, fractured take on blues and folk heard through the prism of his own unique style of songcraft.

The news of his passing was confirmed via an online statement attributed to his family. "It is with great sadness that we share the news that our dear friend and family member, Mark Linkous, took his own life today," read the statement posted on the official Sparklehorse website. "We are thankful for his time with us and will hold him forever in our hearts."

His survivors include his wife, Teresa; his mother, Gloria Hughes Thacker; his father, Frederick Linkous; and his brothers, Matt, Paul and Daniel Linkous

I had the opportunity to speak with Linkous just over a decade ago when he was touring in support of the brilliant Good Morning Spider album. He and I had a friendly 45-minute conversation about life on the road, songwriting, and working in his garage. I vividly remember he and I talking about castor oil, but cannot remember the context of the conversation.

My article, which was for The Flint Journal, is at my parents' house in Michigan and I wish I could read it right now so I could remember more of our conversation. I can fondly recall Linkous as an incredibly sweet man, but also very shy. I was just this eager 21-year-old wannabe music journalist who obsessed over his music and honored to speak with the man behind such great songs like "Gasoline Horseys" and "Hundreds of Sparrows." But toward the end of our conversation, I found myself encouraging him to keep on keepin' on, almost giving him one of those "attaboy" kind of chats. I wasn't sure how it all came about then or now, but it was in that "can I give you a hug" kind of way. Linkous didn't mind at all.

I missed his show at Alvin's in Detroit a few days later, but my friend Brett, a massive Sparklehorse fan, met Linkous after the show and got me a signed poster. He signed it, "Best Ditches, MacKenzie. Love Mark Linkous." That framed poster hung in my bedroom until my New York City move three years ago. It will be put on the wall again, for it should have never been in the closet stash of posters anyway. I still have the matchbook too.

RIP Mark Linkous. God, you will be so incredibly missed.

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