Monday, January 11, 2010

Remembering Miep Gies

Miep Gies, who helped hide Anne Frank and her family for two years during World War II and saved her diary, passed away on Monday. She was 100.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is one of my favorite books and very dear to my heart. That part of history is also quite special to me, for I focused my graduate thesis on how the Holocaust influenced popular music.

From USA Today:

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — Miep Gies, the office secretary who defied the Nazi occupiers to hide Anne Frank and her family for two years and saved the teenager's diary not, has died, the Anne Frank Museum said Tuesday. She was 100.

Gies' website reported that she died Monday after a brief illness. The report was confirmed by museum spokeswoman Maatje Mostar, but she gave no details. The British Broadcasting Corp. said she died in a nursing home after suffering a fall last month.

Gies was the last of the few non-Jews who supplied food, books and good cheer to the secret annex behind the canal warehouse where Anne, her parents, sister and four other Jews hid for 25 months during World War II.

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