Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy Mustard Day!

Um, I don't use ketchup and I don't really care for mayonnaise. Since the beginning of time, I've been mad for mustard. Seriously. I don't do it up crazy-style like some might with ketchup and eggs, but I have been having mustard with my french fries since I was 5. Sandwiches, hamburgers, and hot dogs are pretty much a given. Steak, sure. French's, Plochman's, Heinz's, (and once in a while, Grey Poupon) whatever ... mustard is my bag when it comes to condiments, yo!

To my delight, the first Saturday in August is National Mustard Day. Who knew? Well, the folks in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin celebrate the bright yellow spread with plenty of hot dogs as well as music, games, other entertainment, and all the mustard samples you want and then some. The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum has sponsored this annual event since 1991.

Total best!

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