Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rawk Plate

Hey yooooou guuuuuuys! Check out the radness that is Dang Lorang. They're the ones responsible for creating that awesome piece of art with my beloved Morrissey's face. A BIG thanks again to my dear friend Corey, who got me the plate as a pre-wedding gift. SO AWESOME!

The New York City-based craft collective -- made up of friends Lauriana and Angela -- offers plenty of fun crafty goodies. After all, the opening page exclaims that Dang Lorang is a place for plates, pillows, parasols and all things peachy. Um yeah, pretty cool.

"We're both crafters that focus on the same theme: bands and artists we love," says Lauriana. "We didn't know that fact about each other for a while, but one day I saw a concert T-shirt pillow that Angela made and she told me all about her other band pillows. I told her about the plates I made. So, we teamed up and here we are. It feels like we run a little indie record shop, out of our cramped New York City apartments."

While Angela is the master seamstress behind such rad vintage pillows, featuring the likes of AC/DC, Slayer and Whitney Houston just to name a few, Lauriana is the artist responsible for putting Morrissey, David Bowie, Joan Jett, and Joe Strummer's face (and more!) on a plate. But where did this Morrissey idea come from?

"I started making decoupage plates for my sister, who is a Morrissey lifer as well," Lauriana explains. "She is a mother of five and let's nothing stand in the way of her obsession, not even her husband. The first was a tryptic series of her favorite Smiths albums that I gave her as a thank you for being her plus one to the Apollo show [in 2004]."

"I thought that as the years went on I would make a new plate for on her birthday of the Mozzer in various repose to add to her collection," she adds. "When I was preparing for the craft fair, I wanted to try to update the plate into something a bit more mature. Hence the yellow plate."

Dang Lorang does do custom plate orders and most start at $20 for small ones, but nothing is over $30. The hardest plate to create so far?

"The hardest one is actually a decoupage plate I'm currently working on featuring Nick Cave on a unicorn," Lauriana says. "But as far as painting goes, Dusty Springfield. She ended up looking like Celine Dion."

These plates are safe for looking, not eating. Joe Strummer says so.

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