Friday, July 31, 2009

Mick Jones the Librarian?

What? Really? Mick Jones of The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite and most recently, Carbon Silicon fame, has founded the Rock n Roll Public Library. It seems that the legendary guitarist/vocalist is somewhat of a pop culture enthusiast, for he's been collecting loads of treasures (count 'em: nearly 10,000 artifacts) for the last three decades.

Jones' own "guerilla-library" is housed in an office space in west London; actually, it's under the Westway, off Portobello Road, not too far away from where he and the late Joe Strummer founded the Clash in 1976.

For Clash fans, this is pretty exciting. Jones' widespread collection features records, books, pizza boxes from Clash tours, camouflage graffiti boots worn by the band on stage, as well as retro recording equipment, and much, much more. The exhibition is on display through August 25. For images, check out Chelsea Space.

[Thanks Boing Boing]

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