Monday, May 04, 2009

Check the 'Compass'

One of my very favorite bands from my old nabe of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the dear lads of Great Lakes Myth Society, are offering their latest LP, Compass Rose Bouquet, on vinyl for the very first time. WOO!

Not only is this band made of a bunch of truly nice guys, but they make some pretty amazing music, too. Some like to call it "Northern Rock." From the rollicking good time of "Debutante" and barroom stomper "Summer Bonfire" to the easy acoustics of "Days of Apple Pie," Great Lakes Myth Society will forever be your summer soundtrack if you let 'em. And hey, they were singing about Michigan long before Sufjan Stevens, so eat that Sufjan!

Cue up the MP3 player:
"Summer Bonfire"

Only 200 copies are available online via Quack! Media, so hop to it and order one. Their self-titled debut is equally brilliant ... check out "Across the Bridge" for a preview.

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