Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blur's 'Midlife' Crisis

Blur is set to release a new spanning compilation, Midlife: A Beginners Guide to Blur July 28 via Capitol/EMI (it's out June 15 in the UK). Do we need another Blur retrospective? I quite fancy the Best of Blur that the band issued in 2000. But it's Blur, after all ... and we need some of that Think Tank stuff, right? And it's fabulous to see the Brit-pop foursome back together, thus this cleverly titled double-disc is highly welcomed. In addition to featuring 25 songs from the band's seven studio albums, Midlife will also feature a long out-of-print track. Oooooooooh! Wish I could see them at Glastonbury this summer.

YAY! "Popscene" and "Advert" made the cut!

Midlife: A Beginners Guide to Blur

1. Beetlebum
2. Girls & Boys
3. For Tomorrow
4. Coffee & TV
5. Out of Time
6. Blue Jeans
7. Song 2
8. Bugman
9. He Thought of Cars
10. Death of A Party
11. The Universal
12. Sing
13. This Is a Low

1. Tender
2. She's So High
3. Chemical World
4. Good Song
5. Parklife
6. Advert
7. Popscene
8. Stereotypes
9. Trimm Trabb
10. Badhead
11. Strange News From Another Star
12. Battery In Your Leg

Thanks NME

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