Monday, April 27, 2009

Moz Pop Art

Boing Boing (via Popurls) is a beautiful thing. Over the weekend I stumbled upon this lovely bit of Morrissey-inspired pop art, Derek Erdman's piece entitle "FORTUNATE TEENS PARTY WITH MORRISSEY, 1994"

Here's Erdman's hilarious spin on the painting ... only meant for comic relief. It's not a true story. I mean, c'mon, you can't see Morrissey actually doing THAT?

"There is a seldom told story that Morrissey's tour bus broke down in small town Ohio in the autumn of 1994. A full day was necessary for the repairs to be completed and Morrissey and his band delighted local teenaged fans by stopping by a house party to drink beer and smoke marijuana. 'It was the time of my life,' remarks Tamara Marshall, who was hosting the party. 'My parents were out of town and I was told not to have a party, but once Morrissey showed up I knew I wasn't going to be a secret for long.' When asked what she remembered most about Morrissey's visit, Tamara answered, 'He didn't like Rolling Rock beer'."

Heeelarious! Dontcha love it?

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