Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Love Love Love 'Unlovable'

For about five years now, I've followed Esther Pearl Watson's hilarious comic, Unlovable, in the back pages of Bust magazine. Lucky for us, the Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator has collected these strips for a 400-plus graphic novel, published by the Seattle-based Fantagraphics Books. The cover has glitter, too. LOVE it!

For those who aren't familiar, Unlovable is loosely based on a high school diary Watson found in a gas station bathroom while traveling from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Set in the late 1980s, you get to know about the teenage trials and tribulations of sophomore Tammy Pierce. Pierce's earnest attempts to fit in at school and with her friends is funny and endearing, and sometimes embarrassing. You root for Tammy as she swoons over the hottest boy in school, and you high-five her as she puts off the immature antics of her kid brother, Willis. You also cringe when she tries too hard to impress her BFF, Kimberly Conway and her pizza boy boyfriend, Erick. You wanna help her out in gym class (C'mon everyone, we all hated gym!). Through it all, Tammy Pierce keeps a sense of humor. Don't deny it, you remember it well. Those days were such a pain in the ass, but they were the best.

(Image 1: Bust Feb/March '08)
(Image 2: Bust Aug/Sept '07)

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