Thursday, April 23, 2009

He Knows I'd Love To ...

Ah yes, another Morrissey book for those loyal fans out there. This time, author Dickie Felton captures 30 real-life chance meetings between the adored one and his forever adoring fans in his book, The Day I Met Morrissey, out May 11th via Bootle Bruiser Books. If you don't know already, there are no fans like Morrissey fans. To say they worship him is pretty much an understatement. Last month, while attending the Webster Hall show, my friend Briana and I were laughing how we're still as mad for the Moz now as we were as teenagers. The closest I've ever come to meeting Morrissey was when he and security scurried past the merch table after the Webster Hall show. In 1997, when catching former Smiths frontman at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Michigan, my old college roommate and I chased Spencer Cobrin and Johnny Bridgewood across the street to their hotel. They seemed to have enjoyed that. We just said hi.

Maybe one day? HA!

In other related Morrissey news, "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" will be the second single from his latest LP, Years of Refusal. Out April 27th in the UK, live versions of "This Charming Man, "Best Friend on the Payroll" and "I Keep Mine Hidden" are also included. Click here to order.

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