Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just Because ...

Best. Picture. Ever. Alyssa captured this photo Sunday, August 17th at the Astoria treasure, the Beer Garden a.k.a. the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. Definitely one of my and the Sultan's favorite spots in Astoria.

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You Came to See a Rock Show

When you're at a show ... you know how it is. Look familiar?

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Best Day of the Year is HERE!

As sad I as I am to see another fun summer come to a close, I am so amped for today! Today, my friends, is the best day of the year: COLLEGE GAME DAY! Some know of my undying love for my alma mater, Michigan State University. My parents were right, those four years were the best years of my life. I was a season football ticket holder during my four years at MSU, and then went to nearly six years worth of games post-college with my Dad before moving to NYC. So it goes without saying ... I love my school and I love my school's sports.

Tonight at 8pmEST on ABC, my Michigan State Spartans take on the California Golden Bears at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif. Tonight's game also marks the fourth-ever meeting between the two teams and MSU leads the series 2-1.

So if you're into college sports or follow the Big Ten like I do, cheers to you. Today is a marvelous day. If you root for the University of Michigan -- this one's for the Sultan and Fitzy -- may the Wolverines show up today against Utah. Here's hoping you don't repeat last year's dismal season opener vs. Appalachian State. That one's still gotta hurt.


SUNDAY: Sadly, MSU and UofM both lost yesterday. Michigan almost had it against Utah, losing by two points, 23-25. For me, my Spartans lost to California by a touch down, 31-38. New York also didn't carry the game, and instead I had to listen to old man Lou Holtz blather on and on ESPN. Sucks. Bad first week start. Everyone in The Big 10 Conference except for Michigan, Michigan State, and Illinois won yesterday.

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Biker Like an Icon

Last weekend, the Sultan and I decided to bike the Brooklyn Bridge. I have to admit I was slightly nervous. The thought of carrying my bike several flights of stairs made me question my strength. And you know how it is here, people get annoyed with bikers on the subway. Heh. But after a few steps, my petite Maltese arms could take on anything. Biking the bridge, though, was absolutely amazing. Biking throughout South Street Seaport, Battery Park, and up the west side of the Manhattan up to 22nd St. was pretty great. Definitely a perfect day.

[Photos courtesy of the Sultan]

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Grover Is a Punk Rocker

I heart Medium-Large. Thanks to Amanda for sharing this radness with me today. RIP Joey Ramone.

Here's some additional food for thought:

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Saturday, August 02, 2008'.gra.phy

For my fellow New Yorkers looking for something to do on Monday evening, please come out to the The Ailey Citigroup Theater for'.gra.phy, a show featuring the choreography of my dear friend, and dancer and actor Stephen Brotebeck.

The 45-minute performance -- with shows at 7 and 8:30 -- will explore the evolution of musical theater and its future, while also mixing both art and the love of movement.

"Technically 'Brotography' is a play on my last name, Brotebeck, and 'choreography,'" Brotebeck explains. "However, the term has become an expression that my dancers have used to describe the style of my choreography."

Brotebeck, whose credits include stints in 'Pippin,' the european tour of 'West Side Story,' and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular as well as shows for Crystal Cruises and the Holland America Line, says the evening will be full of fun and variety. "We are doing everything from "City Lights" from The Act to "Geek in the Pink" by Jason Mraz, and a new composition by my good friend Chris Wade. We just did a run through today and I can't imagine anyone leaving without a smile on their face."

"And while I choreograph mostly for musical theatre, what's most important is that each piece tells a story," Brotebeck adds. "But when it comes to actual steps, I would say my choreography is very rhythmic and in tune with the music that I am working with. I also love to have my dancers traveling all over the stage. I like to really use the space."'.gra.phy
(noun) [bro*-TAH'*gruh*-fee]
Directed and Choreographed by Stephen Brotebeck
Original Music and Lyrics by Chris Wade
Music Direction by Joe Kinosian
Sara Antkowiak-Maier, Ashley Arcement, Al Blackstone, Allison Duke, Nathan Garland, Chris Gleim, Joe Komara, Christine LaDuca, Emily Loftiss, Karl Maier, Lauren Marshall, Sarah Kay Marchetti, Rommel Ochoa, Adam Pellegrine

...and featuring
Shannon Lewis

Monday, August 4, 2008
7pm and 8:30pm
The Ailey Citigroup Theater at the Joan Weill Center for Dance
405 W. 55th St. @ 9th Ave.

Seating is limited
For reservations call 212.252.3659 or email

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Just Because ...

A couple of weeks ago while my Dad was in town, we were hanging out in Soho on a Sunday afternoon. To my surprise, I saw this brilliant piece of steel and wheels at the stoplight at Mercer and Prince streets. Are you kidding me?

1982 anyone?

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Watch the Guitar, Watch the Guitar

Many thanks to Alex for sharing this Echo & the Bunnymen video with me the other day. Heaven Up Here is my second favorite Bunnymen album behind the oh-so-underated Porcupine. In this 1983 footage from the German television show, Rockpalast, the Liverpudlian dudes sweat it OUT hardcore during their performance of "Heaven Up Here." Look at Ian McCulloch's shirt! Better yet, his hair is in tip-top form. Drummer Pete deFreitas (RIP) is drenched in sweat. God bless YouTube.

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