Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holy Moley! It's Hot Fudge!

When I was a little kid, my parents got up for work when it was still dark outside. Sure, it was 6 A.M., but I was up... awake watching my daily dose of early mornin' cartoons and shows! My earliest memories are of watching The Flintstones and Tom & Jerry before being dropped off at Doreen's house (my babysitter who is the coolest lady ever)!

Another show I have fuzzy memories of is the Detroit-based children's show, Hot Fudge. Over the years, I've asked some of my old school pals if they remember it, but no one can ever recall The Hot Fudge Show.

The one thing that stands out the most is the groovy funkadelics from Harry Unreasonable's "Write On!/Newsreel/Unreasonable Report." Also, I could never forget those neon lights and the Don McLean/Rupert Holmes-sounding theme song.

So like I've said before, God Bless You Tube! They've brought Hot Fudge back to me.

Rob, thanks for being the other person who remembers!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Because ...

Because it's spring in New York, because I love pugs, and because I love spring in New York.

I Am A Dog, New York City, 1983
Photograph by Chip Simons

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Toni Halliday is Chatelaine

Once releasing the The Way of Curve double-disc retrospective, Curve frontwoman Toni Halliday announced January 31, 2005 via the band's website that she was leaving the band she and musician Dean Garcia founded in 1990. For longtime fans, it wasn't exactly a huge surprise; Halliday had expressed her dismay with Curve's creative direction in years prior. But the London-bred duo's debut, Doppelgänger, remains an epic piece in my alternative rock collection, and songs like "Pink Girl with the Blues," "Horror Head" and "On the Wheel" are classics.

Since leaving Curve, Halliday went on to collaborate with Paul Van Dyk, Recoil (Depeche Mode's Alan Wilder) and most recently, the Killers. Halliday contributed vocals to the band's holiday charity single "A Great Big Sled."

Good news: Halliday is back with a new project, Chatelaine. Described as "ramped up Enya" on MySpace, Chatelaine is a bit more organic compared to Curve's guitar-driven dance rock sound, yet there's a majestic mystery surrounding new tunes like the stormy, string-laden "Stripped Out." Two other emotionally-charged songs, "Oh Daddy" and "Killing the Feeling," are also posted via the band's MySpace page. A full-length LP is slated for later this year.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Echo & the Bunnymen turn 30

See, turning 30 isn't so bad? One of my absolute favorite bands, Echo & the Bunnymen, will be celebrating their 30th year together with a series of live shows commemorating their epic LP, 1984's Ocean Rain. While I'm partial to the dramatic rawness of Porcupine, I am thrilled to hear that Mac and Co. will be performing Ocean Rain in its entirety (with an orchestra!) Wednesday, October 1st at Radio City Music Hall. You better believe I'm getting tickets!

Check out Bunnymen.com Saturday, April 26th at 12PM EST for exclusive rights for a week of pre-sale tickets. Only those fans subscribed to the newsletter (moi!) will have access to the purchase link and password. General public tickets are slated to go on sale a week later.

In other Bunnymen news, the band is putting the final polish on their forthcoming album, The Fountain. Produced by Scots songwriter John McLaughlin (Busted, Liberty X, Westlife), Ian McCulloch claims it's his best material to date.

"It is exciting - it is probably the best thing I've ever done in my life," McCulloch shared with the UK's Sunday Mail. "Obviously I have loads of love for the older stuff but this one sounds almost like a debut album with a lot of hard rock. I hate using the word rock, it's not right for us. It's more vibrant and hardish. I think we will always be of the moment because so many bands have either been inspired by us or blatantly ripped us off, which makes us current. It's the same with the Velvet Underground."

Here's a clip of Echo & the Bunnymen performing the Ocean Rain track "Nocturnal Me":

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These two New Yorkers are my Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. After 13 years together, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson got hitched earlier this month in small ceremony in Colorado. Rock'n'roll's most original couple, don't ya think? Original in the way we used to know it, and you know what I mean.

Four years ago while completing my Master's degree, I took a class on women in literature with a focus on performance art. To make a long story short, I got an 4.0 for re-enacting a portion of Laurie Anderson's United States. It's so brilliant. I also had the pleasure of seeing Lou Reed perform a near three-hour show at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit in 2000. I will always be waiting for that man. White Light...........white heat.

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