Sunday, March 09, 2008

I'm a Barbie Girl

Barbara Millicent Roberts a.k.a. America's favorite fashion doll, Barbie, celebrates 49 years today. Created by American businesswoman Ruth Handler and produced by Mattel, Inc., Barbie is a woman who has seemingly done it all -- she's been a beauty queen, a business woman, a princess, an astronaut, a flight attendant a doctor, as well as a Nascar-drivin' gal who's also been President of the United States. Don't forget Barbie and the Rockers. Where's Emo Barbie or Punk Rock Barbie? Or is Skipper in waiting for a mohawk?

Barbie was also quite the zookeeper, owning nearly 40 pets. As a child of the '80s, I am most familiar with her horse, Dallas, but an eclectic assortment of cats and dogs, and a lion, zebra, and panda roamed the grounds at the Barbie Dreamhouse.

In 2004, after 43 years together, Barbie finally left her longtime boyfriend, Ken. Remember?

Happy Birthday Barbie! Plastic has treated you well, heh.



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