Saturday, February 09, 2008

Crafty Time

Just showin' a little love for few crafty items I'm currently usin'. First up is Mr. Poncho, a Brooklyn-based company that makes some pretty rad cases for your iPod. The beauty of these crafty, handmade cases is in keeping your headphones in order. No tangles here!

Custom fit for your iPod Nano, Video, Shuffle, Classic or Mini, or perfect for your celly, camera or moola, Mr. Poncho offers somethin' for everyone. Check out their store for a crazy selection of prints. Hey, iPods need a little TLC too.

DIY recyclers RePlayGround can create some pretty cool things from an empty cereal box or a paper towl tube. Everything's eco-friendly and a portion of their profits also benefit other earth-lovin' organizations such as Trees for the Future and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Also, they ask you to send them your junk ... things like wine corks, sheet music, old calendars and maps, etc. Check out their store for assorted recycled gifts such as bottle cap magnets, journals, keychains, and tees. I heart my Jiffy notepad.

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