Monday, January 29, 2007

Take Them On, On Your Own ... Four Times

Two years since the release of their Americana-flavored set, Howl, San Francisco's Black Rebel Motorcycle Club return with Baby 81. Due May 1st on RCA Records, Baby 81 seems to get back to the balls-to-the-wall rawk of BRMC's first two albums (2000's B.R.M.C. and 2003's Take Them On, On Your Own), and thank goodness for that! The album title is also named after an infant admitted to the hospital in the wake of 2004’s tsunami who was claimed by nine different mothers until it found its way back to its own family. "Weapon of Choice" will be the album's first single.

Tracklisting for Baby 81:
1. Took Out A Loan
2. Berlin
3. Weapon Of Choice
4. Window
5. Cold Wind
6. It’s Not What You Wanted
7. 666 Conducer
8. All You Do Is Talk
9. Lien On Your Dreams
10. Need Some Air
11. Killing The Light
12. American X
13. Am I Only

In the meantime, check out drummer Nick Jago's song, "Speak Easy Love," courtesy of Marathon Studio's MySpace page. And no, Jago has NOT left BRMC.



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