Monday, January 08, 2007

Lists and More Lists

It's the second week of twenty-o-seven, and we've already seen our fair share of "best of" lists. I recently plugged my fave albums and singles here at MacKenzieLand. The peeps at the Metro Times have done so, and the All Music Guide just posted their esteemed lists, too. Then you have all the biggies: Rolling Stone, SPIN, yadda yadda yadda. The Village Voice's annual Pazz & Jop poll will be coming 'atcha in less than a month.

But to keep the ball rolling with some of last year's finest, my punk rock pal, Corey Apar, has generously contributed her own list of cool thangs. Check it out!

"11 random thoughts on 2006 because MacKenzie for some reason wanted to hear 'em."

11. Brand New's The Devil and God are Raging in Me, had such potential to be one huge disappointment, but instead was the exact opposite. Dark, anguished, meditative, beautiful--gives me chills every time I listen to it.

10. Single best line of the year comes courtesy of Kansas City's Architects and their album, Revenge. "If dreams were like bombs, I'd be Hezbollah, and no I'm not afraid of that metaphor." Bad ass.

9. Lots of side projects this year, but Heavens and their album, Patent Pending, takes the cake. Anything Matt Skiba touches turns to gold. Enough said.

8. Responsible for one of the catchiest songs of 2006 (don't even try denying it), Cobra Starship's While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets should have been ridiculously bad. But somehow, it wound up being ridiculously good. And not even in that guilty pleasure sort of way.

7. It's unclear who's more full of shit: Tom DeLonge and his Bono transformation or the people who actually claim to love his new band Angels and Airwaves. Them and Cute is What We Aim For I'll just never understand. Then again, I don't want to.

6. Toss up for funnest album of the year: the raucous, singalong punk of the Lawrence Arms' Oh! Calcutta! or the warm AM radio pop vibe of the Format's Dog Problems?

5. The Bouncing Souls have been around since I was four and sound as relevant now as any band starting out. Don't believe me? The Gold Record speaks for itself.

4. Tim Barry usually gets his point across the loud-hard-fast way via Avail. But who knew stripping him down to just six strings, a few cold ones and a bunch of friends could be so damn compelling?

3. One of the most honest and engaging bands out there, miss Lucero live and you miss out. A March gig at Alvin's involved a nonstop crazy moshpit, glass being broken, people bleeding, and the bassist so drunk he could barely stand by the end let alone play. Final songs consisted of frontman Ben Nichols playing solo while his bandmates band-aided audience members. And did I mention half the set was slow songs? So fucking good.

2. Rocky Votolato put out the wonderful Makers in January and was joined onstage at the Magic Stick this fall for a few songs with little bro Cody, as the Blood Brothers were in town next door that same night. Can't beat brotherly love and nice coincidences.

1. The ultimate of 2006: Alkaline Trio and Against Me! toured together. Holy fuck. Caught two of the shows and not only did that mean seeing both bands twice in one weekend (which would have been enough), but then the Trio played over two hours, including the entirety of Goddamnit. Can one's concert-going really peak at age 23? It just did.


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