Sunday, January 14, 2007

Leaders of Men: Joy Division on MOJO, and Anton Corbijn's Control

In their February issue, MOJO takes a look at the long-awaited Joy Division biopic, Control, while writer Jon Savage does another stunning job capturing the guilted mind of late frontman Ian Curtis. Scheduled to debut at the Berlinale movie festival in Berlin next month, Control is based on Touching From a Distance, a haunting memoir of Curtis' short life as told by his widow, Deborah Curtis.

In a recent article in NME, bassist Peter Hook had a few choice thoughts on director Anton Corbijn. Hook suggested that Corbijn was being a bit too controlling over the film's soundtrack, dictating how the film's music should sound to Hook, drummer Stephen Morris, and vocalist/guitarist Bernard Sumner, and ultimately disrespecting the band. On January 9th, Corbijn responded to Hook's blasphemous claims via the official Joy Division MySpace page.

well i am stunned and elated at the same time by the reactions i read on hooky's remarks. it is great to see that all of you are so passionate yourselves about the film. the very misleading headline "New Order have criticised the makers of Joy Division film 'Control'" has brought out the best in you all but please be aware that there is NO argument whatsoever between new order and myself or hooky and me. peter might have been in a bit of a mood when he said what he said and boy, does he know how to make headlines, but please don't be upset with either him or me for no reason. yes, i am in control of CONTROL as any director worth his celluloid should be in charge of his film but i am not telling the band, that i moved to the UK for in 1979, how to write songs. please.

i wouldn't dare. what we are doing is making some incidental music for particular parts of the film and yes, i am in the studio with the new order guys when they are doing this. new order saw a rough cut of the film prior to writing the score and THEY ALL LOVED IT which would be a much better headline ! CONTROL is a beautiful film for anyone who loves hooky, and beyond. the movie meanwhile looks set to come out in september 2007.


For more info on Control, click here.



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