Monday, January 08, 2007

Kevin Shields Speaks to Magnet

My dearest mackenzieland peeps, please check out the latest issue of Magnet! Not only does the gorgeous Chan Marshall grace its "2006 Year in Music" cover, my interview with Kevin Shields is also included! The My Bloody Valentine recluse squashes those nasty rumors of running Creation Records into the ground, and what really went on during the recording of Loveless.

Since the release of that album, Shields has recorded and performed with Primal Scream, played with Patti Smith at 2005's Meltdown Festival, contributed tracks to Lost in Translation, and remixed the Go! Team. Is Shields still the misunderstood genius he was once rumored to be? Here's a bit that didn't make the article.

"I do rub business people the wrong way. I’m not compromising on a lot of issues even though I think I’m easy going … it’s not so much me and that I’m so extreme, it’s that I don’t really have a manager between me and these people. A lot of people have my attitude in bands and stuff, but they’re smart enough to get someone to translate them in a manner that record companies can tolerate.

I just say it the way it comes out and they don’t like that, but that’s what most people think. I think I’m quite common in fact. I don’t think I’m unusual."

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