Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lavender Diamond Broke My Heart

The tender-hearted chanteuse, Becky Stark, had dreams of making a record that sounded like Linda Ronstadt. Endearing, sweet, and incredibly gifted, Stark, and her band, Lavender Diamond, are surely on their way to making some of the most thoughtful music the pop/rock genre has seen in decades.

Having already wowed audiences at this year's SXSW, ArthurFest, and CMJ festivals, Lavender Diamond are fresh off the road from touring with the Decemberists this past November. They're also the latest act added to the Matador roster (Rough Trade in Europe), thus their 2005 debut, The Calvary of Light EP will be receiving the royal reissue treatment January 30, 2007!

Lavender Diamond is: Stark on vocals, pianist Steve Gregoropoulos (W.A.C.O.), drummer Ron Regé Jr. (The Swirlies), and guitarist Jeff Rosenberg (Pink and Brown, Tarentel, the Young People). When not playing with her band, Stark and songstress Eleni Mandell perform as the folk duo, The Living Sisters. Stark is also working on a musical variety show with Miranda July and Jim Drain, and has a side-project called The Mystical Unionists with Regé.

You Broke My Heart
Rise in the Springtime

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