Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nick Cave, the Astonishing: Grinderman

Nick Cave is a man that needs no introduction. The nearly 50-year-old troubadour continues to rip apart rock & roll with his surly, sooty, and sexy bravado (Blixa, eat your heart out!), and he does it again with his new project, Grinderman. Some of his fellow Bad Seeds--Jim Sclavunos (drums), Martyn Casey (bass), and Warren Ellis (violin)--join him (with Nick on GUITAR!!!), and it's everything you'd expect and more. The song "No Pussy Blues" is solid blues-soaked swagger douced in gasoline and lust. It's classic Cave, really. The Aussie foursome have been playing together under Grinderman moniker since the release of Nocturama, and have plans to release an album next March. In the meantime, Ellis and the Dirty Three are curating the 2007 edition of All Tomorrow's Parties, which will feature a solo performance from Cave as well as Grinderman.

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