Sunday, November 05, 2006

High Brow

Now I know that mackenzieland is a blog about the rock and the roll, and not some glossy beauty blog. But I'm a sassy gal who loves beauty stuff, so here I am, writing about makeup. Bare with the melodrama for a second, ok?

Recently, I accidentally took a chunk out of my right eyebrow while tweezing. While my boyfriend said it wasn't noticeable, I, like many women, thought my newly shorn eyebrow looked stupid. I did some research online to see what other ladies were doin' when it came to over tweezin', and the results weren't too promising. Some sites said dabbing rubbing alcohol over the over-plucked section would make the hair grow back quicker. I did that, whatever. Didn't seem to do much for me. Some lurvely ladies over at the Bust lounge had some interesting stuff to say, too: one female mentioned that she uses a plain #2 pencil to fill in the gaps in her brows, but only for a too-thin area. I wasn't totally sold on that, but hey, whatever works, right? A second girly said using a brow powder from the Body Shop worked brilliantly for her. She said the one she uses comes in a lil' compact with two shades; there is a version for blondes as well as ones for light and dark brunettes, and it comes with a great brush! Other sites suggested using Rogaine, but that seemed awfully risky to me. What is a girl to do?

Sure, I'm almost 30, and I've never tried an eyebrow pencil. I've always just assumed using such a thing would make my eyebrow look fake or overdone. Or that I wouldn't get a color that's close enough to the shade of my eyebrows. Well, Rimmel has made me a believer. Cheers to that fab, London-based company for making quality products. Their eyebrow pencil (dark brown for moi), comes with a little brush on top of the cap. Dudes, Rimmel is so best. If anyone wants to know, Target has it for cheap, so does Walgreens.



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