Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hey People! MacKenzieLand has two pairs of tickets to ¡Forward, Russia!'s show in Detroit this weekend! The British group of restless post punkers will be performing an all ages show with Snowden at the Magic Stick on Saturday, December 2nd. The New York Times raved about their live show earlier this week; YOU WILL TOO!

First come, first serve! Email me (mackATmackenzielandDOTcom) by 3pmEST Friday and the tickets will be yours!

MacKenzieLand feature on ¡Forward, Russia!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

He's Still Blaine to Me

Happy Birthday to my favorite Brat Packer, Andrew McCarthy, who turns 44 today.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Guess We Better Concentrate on Finding a Nice Christmas Tree

A Charlie Brown Christmas
*!TONIGHT!* - Tuesday, November 28th (8/7CST)

From ABC: The ABC Television Network will celebrate the joy of the holidays with the classic animated Christmas-themed PEANUTS special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, created by late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. The hour will also include a series of never-before-seen Christmas-themed animated stories entitled Charlie Brown Christmas Tales, based on Schulz's work, in which each of the beloved PEANUTS characters — Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and Sally — will star in his or her own charming animated vignette.

Also, check out NPR for "Behind Vince Guaraldi's Timeless Holiday Soundtrack," a charming historical account of the famous Jazz composer, and how his celebrated and memorable set of songs came about. Did you know that the soundtrack has never been out of print since it's release 41 years ago? The 2006 reissue includes four alternate takes of songs found on the original album.

Sad News on Main Street

With the blowout popularity of iPods and the like, it's no secret that the experience of purchasing an album from a record store might be a thing of the past. I, for one, still appreciate the romance of purchasing a record for its entire package. But I also realize that people nowadays want a collection of sounds, not an overflowing heap of CDs stacked everywhere (not to mention, it's a total bitch moving those suckers!). Anyway, my dear pal Brady shared some heartbreaking news upon my return to the office yesterday. One of his favorite record shops, Main Street Jukebox in Stroudsburg, PA, was lost in a fire over Thanksgiving weekend.

Info: Pocono Record

Nestled in the heart of the Poconos Mountains, Main Street Jukebox was founded in 1994. Like most record stores, Main Street Jukebox carries books, DVD's, cassettes and other related music memorabilia, but they're best known for finding that oh-so-rare piece of vinyl or out-of-print CD. Brock knows this first hand.

"I just found out that an amazing indie record store in Stroudsburg, PA called Main Street Jukebox was burned to the ground early this morning. I have become friends with the owners over the past 6-7 years and they are both amazing guys who have a sincere passion for what they do. I am extremely bummed about this news. I have to say that in all of my travels, Main Street was clearly one of the best remaining indie stores in the country and their staff was in it for the right reasons (This store was up there with the quality of records, staff and passion of those like Amoeba and Other Music). Some of my all time favorite records have been found in the stacks of vinyl in that store; records I have searched everywhere for, for years and years. In the age of Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy chains killing mom and pop stores in America, walking into a store like Main Street Jukebox was a breath of fresh air. We have to continue to support independently owned and operated retailers and continue to say no to huge conglomerates. The owners will be figuring out what their next steps will be soon, but in this day and age, with insurance premiums being what they are, I am sure they will need some assistance in rebuilding. If you are located in the Northeast, please be on the lookout for more information on how we can help bring this amazing store back. Hopefully I can organize a benefit concert of sorts in the area with all proceeds going to the store. If you are interested in helping out in some way, please let me know. I will let everyone know more details as I figure out what we can do to help. Thanks for your time. All Hearts, Brady Brock.

Any news of a fundraiser will be posted here. Please stay tuned.


Ys is Coming to Your Town!

Indie rock's reigning princess Joanna Newsom takes to the road this winter in support of her second album, Ys. Her beau Bill Callahan will also be sharing the stage through the Austin gig while Newsom will end the year with a handful of solo shows on the West Coast. The Northern Sinfonia and the London Symphony Orchestra will also join Newsom on select UK dates in January.

29 Malibu CA @ the Malibu Performing Arts Center
30 Los Angeles CA @ the El Rey Theater

01 Santa Cruz CA @ The Rio Theatre
02 Eugene OR @ WOW Hall
03 Portland OR @ the Aladdin Theater
04 Seattle WA @ Showbox
05 Vancouver BC @ St. Andrew's-Wesley Church
08 Minneapolis MN @ the 400 Bar
09 Madison WI @ Great Hall/Memorial Union
10 Lawrence KS @ Granada
11 Norman OK @ Meacham Theater/University of Oklahoma
12 Houston TX @ Orange Show
13 Austin TX @ The Parish
14 Marfa TX @ Ballroom Marfa
15 Albuquerque NM @ Launchpad
17 San Diego CA @ Casbah
19 San Francisco CA @ Great American Music Hall
20 San Francisco CA @ Great American Music Hall

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Tuesday's Jibber Jabber

Verizon + YouTube = Genius! [CNN]

Wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper has cancer. [WWE]

One of the many reasons why Pilates is good for you. [MSNBC]

Daily newspapers curse Craigslist. [PBS]

Why are hospitals so cold? [New York Times]

Mark Dantonio, please save my Michigan State Spartans. [ESPN]

An ABBA museum? WTF? [Yahoo!]

AND a Bruce Lee theme park? [Boing Boing]


Monday, November 27, 2006

TKO x 3: Jesse Malin Has Glitter in His Eyes

Singer/songwriter Jesse Malin returns to the rock & roll fray in the New Year with his third offering, Glitter in the Gutter. Recorded over the summer in Millbrook, NY, North Hollywood, CA, and Jesse's hometown of Queens, Glitter in the Gutter features performances by Ryan Adams, the Foo Fighters' Chris Shifflett, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and Bruce Springsteen. A killer acoustic version of The Replacements' classic, "Bastards of Young" is also included. Glitter in the Gutter will be available February 26th via One Little Indian Records in Europe and Adeline Records in North America. "Don't Let Them Take You Down" and "In the Modern World" are currently streaming on Malin's MySpace page.

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Just Because

Check out The Daily Puppy for more enjoyment!

Editors: Album News

Say what you want about Editors. I freaking adore the band. Since making their stateside debut this past spring with the release of The Back Room (those of us snobs got the double-disc import in summer '05), Editors slayed audiences at SXSW, Coachella and Lollapalooza. With a late summer run through North America behind them, Editors are beginning work on their sophomore LP. Frontman Tom Smith shared such info via the band's official site, and myspace profile.

A message from Tom (Editors)
Body: Hello everyone,

How are you all?...good I hope. Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know what we’ve been up to and more importantly what we’re about to start. Today is Tuesday the 21st November 2006 and tomorrow we’re all off to Ireland for a month to record the bulk of our second record.

We finished touring The Back Room in Istanbul of all places on the 3rd September. My last moments on stage, of what from start to finish was a 20 month tour, were spent on my back. On the last note of Fingers I slipped clean over, on the beer I threw around earlier on in the show (so no one to blame but myself). I picked my sorry arse up from the stage and in my embarrassed confusion threw my guitar into the surprisingly rapturous Turkish audience. I’m an idiot but it’s all fun and games I suppose, and a memorable end of the tour for me at least. The rest of the band just shook their heads in disapproval.

Since then we’ve been doing a lot of writing, a fair bit of relaxing, some of us have been trying to find new places to live and we’ve seen a load of shows and even reared our heads djing a couple of times. If any of you came to Brixton or more recently Bristol and enjoyed what Ed or Russ spun then nice one, me and Chris tend to just mince about at these things, maybe offer a polite suggestion into their ears but mainly let them get on with it. Bristol the other night was particularly enjoyable; starting with The Boss (Born in the USA!) into Cold War Kids, followed by the new Bloc Party single (slapped hands! Naughty!’s very very good) from there on other highlights included NWA, The Twang and Kate Bush.

As some of you know, the week before the show in Turkey we recorded the two new songs we had managed to write (or re-write in the case of TWOTW) whilst on the road. Bones and The Weight Of The World both sound great, they’re not totally finished yet but I’d be very surprised if they don’t make the cut when we’re picking the record next year. More importantly that week made us realise that we could work with Garret Lee, it’s so important we move forward and don’t just make The Back Room part 2. I think we all realised that week that Garret was the man to help us.

So this week we head off to Ireland with around 12 new songs and a host of other ideas floating around. I can’t explain in words how excited we all are about the new songs; they’re without doubt the best songs we’ve ever written. To get your imagination / juices flowing here are some of the titles being thrown around at this point in time:

Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
The Racing Rats
An End Has A Start
When Anger Shows
Push Your Head Towards The Air
A Thousand Pieces
An Eye For An Eye

The album won’t be finished before Christmas but the break will give us chance to see our families, eat mince pies, get drunk and say hi to Santa, then maybe some more writing before we start recording again in the new year.

That’s it from me for now, just saying hello really and letting you know what we’re up to. Whilst typing this I’ve been listening to the new Joanna Newsom record, Ys, it’s incredible and you can blame any spelling or grammar mistakes on her!

Bye for now,

Take care and be good,

Tom xxxx

MP3: Fingers in the Factories [XFM Session: 04.18.05]

In other Editors news: the FADER Label recently released the Editors Remix EP, which is exclusively available for download via iTunes ($3.96). In addition, bonus tracks not included on the EP (remixes by Shy Child, Pase Rock, Rubber Bullets, Trackademicks, Phones and Dr. Rocktheknobs) will debut on various websites the week of December 4th.

EDITORS REMIX EP tracklisting:
Camera (Sebastian Remix)
Munich (Ghislain Porier Remix)
All Sparks (Prince Language Remix)
Blood (P Nice Remix)

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¡Forward, Russia! vs. America

Having already wowed American audiences at this year's CMJ Music Marathon, and fresh off the MTV2 Europe tour with Aussie garage rock ruffians Wolfmother, ¡Forward, Russia! returns to American shores for second round of dates in support of their debut album, Give Me a Wall. The tour launches tonight in Boston.

Decked with a pair of exclamation points and the shirts to prove it, Tom Woodhead (vocals, synth), Rob Canning (bass), Katie Nicholls (drums) and Whiskas (guitar) hail from the bustling English metropolis of Leeds, the same town that brought us the Gang of Four, Sisters of Mercy, and the Wedding Present. Give Me a Wall packs a shouty punk punch that's suitable for dancing (pogoing, slamming, moshing, whatever). Obviously ¡Forward, Russia! is doing something right: both the frenzied passion of "Nine" and the aching guitar riffs of "Twelve" landed in the UK Top 40 earlier this year, and their manic ecstatic fourth single, "Eighteen" debuted at #1 on the UK indie charts in August. With such stardom brewing overseas, ¡Forward, Russia! frontman Tom Woodhead says new fans should brace themselves for quite a show, for performing live is really the band's forte. "People should just expect something with a massive amount of energy. We try and give absolutely everything every night. While that can be hard, you're short-changing the people who've come to see you if you give anything else."

And the story behind the shirts? "It just gives the band a bit more of an identity," says Woodhead. "We are a bit of a motley bunch, and having that unifying symbol brings us together visually. Within the context of the name the exclamation marks give the impression that the words are enclosed in a shout: it's a strong, commanding name."

¡Forward, Russia! keeps a heathly dose of power ballad compilations around while on the road (Woodhead says they are always a must!), but the band has also been enjoying the Mastodon album. "Sometimes we just end up listening to each other's music as there is always a communal stereo in the bus."

Woodhead also battled a throat infection earlier this fall, forcing ¡Forward, Russia! to cancel a few West Coast dates in late October. "To be honest, it was less a break in touring and more an extra day off in the middle of a massive, never-ending tour," Woodhead explains. "When you tour as much as we have you're bound to have vocal problems once in a while. I've never had them quite that severe though. I think it was something to do with all the flying we had been doing. Ridiculous rules regarding taking liquids onto planes don't exactly help."

¡Forward, Russia! vs. crazy America: Woodhead says they nearly got assaulted by a Polish bum in New York. "He accused us of being Russian bastards who belong in the garbage!"

Catch ¡Forward, Russia! this winter with Atlanta's brooding balladeers, Snowden.

27 Boston MA @ Great Scott
28 New York NY @ the Bowery Ballroom (plus Meneguar)
29 Philadelphia PA @ Johnny Brenda's
30 Montreal QE @ the Mile End Cultural Centre

01 Toronto ON @ the Horseshoe Tavern
02 Detroit MI @ the Magic Stick
04 Cleveland OH @ the Grog Shop
05 Chicago IL @ the Empty Bottle
06 Minneapolis MN @ Triple Rock
08 Kansas City MO @ The Record Bar
09 Oklahoma City OK @ the Conservatory
10 Dallas TX @ the Gypsy Ballroom
11 Austin TX @ Stubbs
12 Houston TX @ Walters
14 Atlanta GA @ the Earl
15 Chapel Hill NC @ The Local 506
16 Washington DC @ the Black Cat

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

May everyone have a happy and safe holiday! Thanks and love from MacKenzieLand xo


Bring Me Down Again

I absolutely adore Blood Red Shoes. The London duo is made up of vocalist/guitarist Laura-Mary Carter and drummer Steven Ansell, and together they make garage rock cool again (and no, they're not dating). I heart Blood Red Shoes so much that I'm writing about 'em second time, praising their latest single, the rioutous disco-punk attack entitled "You Bring Me Down." The limited 7" vinyl was issued on Tuesday, November 20th, and it's also available as a digital download via Drowned In Sound. For more on Blood Red Shoes, check out their live session with Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 1.

For those who missed out on their earlier releases, Blood Red Shoes have plans to reissue their first three singles on one CD, out early 2007 as a split release for Jonson Family/Try Harder! The video for "You Bring Me Down" is featured below!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Eighteen Eighteen Eighteen Eighteen and I Like It

Out today! U218 Singles includes two new songs, "The Saints Are Coming" with Green Day and "Window in the Skies." For those who know me best know how much this band means to me. If that deems me uncool, boo ya!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Tuesday's Jibber Jabber

Seinfeld's Michael Richards, aka Kramer, goes apeshit. [MSNBC]

Democrat Charles Rangel goes ape, too. He wants to reinstate the draft. [Washington Post]

Why oh why? As if the original version wasn't bad enough? Johnny Marr and David Cross do the Bank of America. [Stereogum]

Bill O'Reilly says iPods are killing America. Pssssh. [Game Politics]

I hope I'm as cool at 92 as this guy is. [Boing Boing]

A UCLA student is tasered for forgetting his ID. How come "Iranian-American" is missing from America's headlines? Horrible. [ABC]

Chan Marshall sings: Cat Power live on the radio tonight! [NPR]

OMG! An American Idol + a Minuteman = Sweet Music [Pitchfork]

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Save What You Can + Steve Keene

Following the deluxe edition release of Born Sandy Devotional, the Triffids get the royal reissue treatment once again this January when Domino Records releases their 1987 masterpiece, Calenture. The Aussie pop group, which featured future Bad Seed Martyn P. Casey, was one of the few alternative acts that really didn't get their due in America. But their haunting country/blues mixture was beautiful, and albums like Born Sandy Devotional, Calenture, and In the Pines (which is also being reissued in January) deserve a second chance, so bravo to Domino for introducing the Triffids to a new generation.

Get your fix with the video for "Save What You Can." Featuring New York pop art painter Steve Keene, the video was directed by Braden King, and filmed at Keene's Brooklyn studio in August 2006.

The video also features a blip of Keene's plywood nativity scene, which can be found here.

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Grrrl Rawk

Here's some rad music that's currently striking my fancy:

Von Iva: With the departure of bassist Elizabeth Davis earlier this summer, the San Francisco girl group continues as a trio. If you didn't already embrace your inner Tina Turner with their 2005 self-titled EP, get your dance on with the "Tug O' War" and "Do It!" demos currently playing on their myspace page. Electro-soul is where it's at!

New Young Pony Club: Sick of that Intel Core 2 Duo commercial? If not, get hip to the New Young Pony Club, an electro/new wave collective hailing from London. The snotty dance style of "Ice Cream" claims to be "the source you crave," "chocolate flavored love theme" and all. Trashy and very New York à la mode, these English kids do something right.

New Bloods: The art rock girl group, New Bloods, combines punk rock aesthetic with muddy worldbeat rhythms that would make the Slits proud. Thank you Tobi!

the bird and the bee: The all lowercase the bird and the bee features vocalist Inara George and multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin (he produced Lily Allen's 2006 debut, Alright, Still...), and they pick up where Everything But the Girl left off for their own stylish brand of sophisti-pop. A new millennium Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz perhaps?


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Raleigh's merry popsters, Annuals, is this week's featured artist on the All Music Guide's "Artist Spotlight." Their debut album, Be He Me is a joyous occasion, full of rich instrumentation and Adam Baker's wild imagination. The 20-year-old singer/songwriter is hot on the heels of Conor Oberst, Margot & the Nuclear So and So's Richard Edwards, and the Shins as far as writing anthem-ready, emotionally-charged songs. The only catch? There's cheer all over the place, and songs such as "Brother," "Complete or Completing," and "Carry Around" yank indie rock's sourpuss off the floor for some fun. Join the jamboree--Annuals are waiting!

NOVEMBER (with Evangelicals)
15 Cambridge MA @ TT the Bears
16 New York NY @ the Mercury Lounge

DECEMBER (with Calexico)
02 Tuscon AZ @ the Rialto Theatre
03 Albuquerque NM @ Launchpad
04 Flagstaff AZ @ the Orpheum Theatre
05 Tempe AZ @ the Clubhouse
06 Los Angeles CA @ Spaceland
07 San Francisco CA @ Bottom of the Hill
09 Seattle WA @ Neumos


Monday, November 13, 2006

Saving the World With a T-Shirt

Australian scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) have created the "wearable instrument shirt." Does that sound insane or what? First Guitar Hero, now this? With the unstoppable popularity of MySpace and You Tube, now everyone can be a rockstar. Thanks to Corey for passing this along!

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Wide Awake with Canon

For those who discovered Coldplay before their coming of age, and cherished the sounds of their Blue Room EP could very easily fall for Canon. Led by the haunting delivery of vocalist Jason Turbin (think Thom Yorke and King Crimson's Adrian Belew) and rounded out by the fine craftmanship of bassist Benji Pope, drummer Cassidy Turbin, and guitarist Tieg Johnson, Canon adds a welcomed twist to indie rock's current Neutral Milk Hotel/Bright Eyes homage. Canon's meticulous touch is pristine in song and production, thus the Hollywood foursome create some of the most elegant songs heard ("Alive," "Don't Trust the Teachers") since Radiohead's earliest b-sides. Produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Ima Robot), Wide Awake is slated for a February 27, 2007 release on Mercy Records. It's time to trip the light fantastic with Canon.

Listen Up!
Wide Awake


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jersey Loverboy Daniel Smith Goes to the Movies

Before there was Sufjan Stevens there was Daniel Smith, indie rock's resident weirdo, and his family band, Danielson. The forthcoming documentary, Danielson: A Family Movie, takes a look at Smith, Danielson Famile, and how Smith's peculiar place and quirky vision has touched the indie rock community. JL Aronson produced and directed the film, and some of indie rock's finest such as producer/engineer Steve Albini, author/musician Rick Moody, eccentric singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston, and Low guitarist Alan Sparhawk also appear in the 105-minute flipbook, which is scheduled for a limited run through major markets this winter.

Hailing from the historical New Jersey farm town of Clarksboro, Danielson--Smith and his siblings Megan Smith, David Smith, Rachel Smith, Andrew Smith, Elin K. Smith, and Chris X. Smith--came together in 1994 when the youngest member was just 10 years old. With their old-fashioned nurse costumes symbolizing the healing power of the Good News, Danielson's indie pop breath of fresh air landed in the pages of Rolling Stone, Spin, and the New York Times. Their first two albums--1995's A Prayer for Every Hour and 1997's Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Choppin' Block--became instant favorites among fans of the Pixies and Peter and the Wolf. With a successful run with Tooth & Nail and finding a new record label home at Secretly Canadian, Danielson went through a series of changes in the late 1990s. Band members came and went, many went on to work with the likes of Deerhoof, Half-Handed Cloud, Damien Jurado, Jens Lekman, and the Curtains while others finished school. Throughout these transitions, Smith was forced to face a solo career. He befriended Sufjan Stevens during this time, and became a mentor of sorts, a musical confidante for Stevens. And to think this all started out as a thesis project during Smith's senior year at Rutgers University?

10-14: Chicago IL @ the Siskel Center
15-21: New York NY @ Cinema Village
11, 20, and 28: Austin TX @ the Alamo Downtown
15-21: Seattle WA @ NW Film Forum
*Late December (Dates TBA): Bloomington IN @ the Cinemat

25-27: San Francisco CA @ Red Vic
*Late January (Dates TBA): Portland OR @ the NW Film Center

Dates TBA: Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Toronto


Bling Bling: Erica Weiner

In the October 2006 issue of Domino, I came across the radness that is Erica Weiner. Her handcuff lariat necklace was included in the mag's usual "Domino Deals" section, a little advert of sorts that showcases cool indie goods for cheap. Well, I embraced my inner Gwen Stefani, and ordered myself one of these bad boys. You should too. Weiner's work is 100% handmade and totally affordable!

What started out as a birthday gift for a friend has turned into a mini-fashion empire for Weiner, a mostly self-taught crafty gal who's been creating these little treasures in her New York City apartment since 2002. With an Art History degree from Vassar, and a year-long stint studying experimental textiles at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland under her belt, Weiner is a regular scavanger of flea markets and street fairs in search of unique wonderments to complete her work. Her meticulous touch combines natural objects with machine-made, vintage-style metal (no precious metals!) or antique bits for pieces such as the fabulous silver-plated liquor tag bracelet or the brassy cicada earrings! With prices ranging from $15 to $80, can you say haute?


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nick Cave, the Astonishing: Grinderman

Nick Cave is a man that needs no introduction. The nearly 50-year-old troubadour continues to rip apart rock & roll with his surly, sooty, and sexy bravado (Blixa, eat your heart out!), and he does it again with his new project, Grinderman. Some of his fellow Bad Seeds--Jim Sclavunos (drums), Martyn Casey (bass), and Warren Ellis (violin)--join him (with Nick on GUITAR!!!), and it's everything you'd expect and more. The song "No Pussy Blues" is solid blues-soaked swagger douced in gasoline and lust. It's classic Cave, really. The Aussie foursome have been playing together under Grinderman moniker since the release of Nocturama, and have plans to release an album next March. In the meantime, Ellis and the Dirty Three are curating the 2007 edition of All Tomorrow's Parties, which will feature a solo performance from Cave as well as Grinderman.

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Faith Hill: Just Another Diva?

I always wondered if Faith Hill was a diva. With her perfect marriage, perfect husband, and perfect face, could Hill really be that perfect? Gotta figure the sweet and beautiful Mississippi girl would let the fame and celebrity go to her heard since it happens to everyone anymore. (Jessica Simpson? Check.) Notice her smug-turned-bitchy behavior from Monday night's CMA's--Hill throws her hands in the air in disbelief, shouting "WHAT?!" as American Idol sweetheart Carrie Underwood takes home the award for Female Vocalist of the Year. Today, Hill does some serious damage control, and says it was all a joke. A joke? If anyone happens to see the humor in this, please comment. I didn't laugh. To me, Faith made herself look incredibly stupid in front of her fans and colleagues.


Rock the Vote

It's Election Day today, and that means you should exercise your American right to vote! Don't be all Morrissey about it or Mark Slaughter will kick your ass. Thanks to my BFF, Alyssa, for sending the vid! More of those can be seen here!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Stop Smiling magazine is hands down one of the best! Staunch wit, thought-provoking commentary (rawk and politics), and a pristine layout (killer multiple covers!) comes to us six times a year. Their 28th issue, "20 Interviews," is on newsstands now, and it's another stellar installment from the Chicago-based publication. Get your hands on one of four rad covers featuring Tom Waits, Cat Power, Questlove, and the Rza. Inside, read up on the New Yorker's David Remnick, American writer Joan Didion, indie rock's resident kewpie doll, Joanna Newsom, and more!

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Bloody Valentine's Loveless Turns 15!

Fifteen years ago today, the epic sounds of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless was released. The band hasn't issued an album since, however MBV mastermind Kevin Shields has come out of hiding in recent years to get his hands on music once again; he's toured with Primal Scream, contributed solo tracks for the Sofia Coppola movie, Lost in Translation, and remixed tracks for the Go! Team and Bow Wow Wow. Last year, Shields also appeared alongside Patti Smith at London's Meltdown Festival, adding his genius guitar work to her reading of her book, The Coral Sea.

A decade and a half later, the undeniable influence of My Bloody Valentine can be heard in acts such as Giant Drag, Gemma Hayes, the Helio Sequence, and the Early Day Miners. Despite the horrid rumors of Shields being an incredibly difficult person to work with, let alone being blamed for the financial downfall of Creation Records, Shields is finally setting the record straight. I had the opportunity to speak very candidly with the warm, soft-spoken Shields last fall. We discussed his relationship with Creation Records founder, Alan McGee, the recording of Loveless, and those pesky rumors of a long-awaited My Bloody Valentine box set. Catch my interview with Kevin Shields this winter in Magnet!

In the meantime, enjoy the killer sounds of "Only Shallow."

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High Brow

Now I know that mackenzieland is a blog about the rock and the roll, and not some glossy beauty blog. But I'm a sassy gal who loves beauty stuff, so here I am, writing about makeup. Bare with the melodrama for a second, ok?

Recently, I accidentally took a chunk out of my right eyebrow while tweezing. While my boyfriend said it wasn't noticeable, I, like many women, thought my newly shorn eyebrow looked stupid. I did some research online to see what other ladies were doin' when it came to over tweezin', and the results weren't too promising. Some sites said dabbing rubbing alcohol over the over-plucked section would make the hair grow back quicker. I did that, whatever. Didn't seem to do much for me. Some lurvely ladies over at the Bust lounge had some interesting stuff to say, too: one female mentioned that she uses a plain #2 pencil to fill in the gaps in her brows, but only for a too-thin area. I wasn't totally sold on that, but hey, whatever works, right? A second girly said using a brow powder from the Body Shop worked brilliantly for her. She said the one she uses comes in a lil' compact with two shades; there is a version for blondes as well as ones for light and dark brunettes, and it comes with a great brush! Other sites suggested using Rogaine, but that seemed awfully risky to me. What is a girl to do?

Sure, I'm almost 30, and I've never tried an eyebrow pencil. I've always just assumed using such a thing would make my eyebrow look fake or overdone. Or that I wouldn't get a color that's close enough to the shade of my eyebrows. Well, Rimmel has made me a believer. Cheers to that fab, London-based company for making quality products. Their eyebrow pencil (dark brown for moi), comes with a little brush on top of the cap. Dudes, Rimmel is so best. If anyone wants to know, Target has it for cheap, so does Walgreens.


Birthday Shakedown

Happy Birthday to the crazy and loveable rock & roll genius, Ryan Adams, who turns 32 today.

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Friday, November 03, 2006


2006 definitely belongs to Gnarls Barkley. The Atlanta, Georgia-based collaboration featuring DJ and producer Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) and rapper/singer Cee-Lo (Thomas Callaway) totally wowed both the US and the UK with their debut album, the double-platinum smash, St. Elsewhere earlier this year. "Crazy" became a crazy worldwide hit, earning the duo a handful of MTV moonmen on top of countless cheers from the music press, thus it's only right that Gnarls Barkley share St. Elsewhere with us again.

Out Tuesday, November 7th, the limited edition CD/DVD reissue features the double-platinum-selling album in its entirety, as well as an the deluxe o-card adorned with a 3-D lenticular rendition of the album art! The brand-spanking new package for St. Elsewhere will also include a 92-page booklet, which showcases expanded album artwork and a special flip book with images from the killer "Crazy" video. Additional videos for their Violent Femmes cover of "Gone Daddy Gone," and the never-before-seen "Go Go Gadget Gospel" are there, AND television performances from Top of the Pops and Later with Jools Holland are too.

Gnarls Barkley recently announced that they will be embarking on a US tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers this January. Dates are TBA.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Heart Toothpaste for Dinner

Just spreading the word that the awesome Toothpaste for Dinner book is just about gone. Those of you who are unfamiliar with "the most addictive comic on the web," check it out (you will thank me later). It'll make you grimace on the grayest of days. Drew, an Ohio native who's the genius behind these little black and white features, says the book is no longer sold in most bookstores, and as far as he knows, it's also out of print. There are less than 100 copies remaining, so order one now!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This Week's Jibber Jabber

Thank you Japan. Thank you for creating a beautiful mobile device to remind women of their menstrual cycle AND what they should be making for dinner! Pssshh.

Listen to the kids, people! They say MySpace blows now. It's all about the facebook!

Boo F***king Hoo. Safemusic takes swear words out of music. Why don't you just by the clean version of the CD if you don't want to burn your ears off with profanity? Just one more thing that gives the power of the parents to the hands of society. And of course, they're from Michigan.


Shawn Carter is back! "Show Me What You Got" KILLS! Single of the year! The new issue of LIFE appears in newspapers nationwide Friday, November 3rd.

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Surprise! It's Syd Straw

For those who are unfamiliar with the remarkable vocals and charm of Syd Straw, do yourself a favor and check out her 1989 debut album, Surprise. She is an American songwriting classic! In the early 1990s, Straw hobnobbed with the likes of the Golden Palominos and Michael Stipe, and also appeared in episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete and Tales of the City. While she hasn't released any new music since 1996's War and Peace, rumors of a new album, the tentatively entitled Pink Velour, have been floating around since 2005. Either way, Straw finds herself on stage from time to time. She was one of the many who performed before the closing of CBGB's last month. For anyone reading on the far East Coast, Straw will be performing in Peacedale, Rhode Island on Sunday, November 5 as a part of the Roots Hoot House Concerts. Show time is 4pm and there is a $20 donation per ticket. Wish I could be there!


Because It's November

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