Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sedated Times with the former Beautiful People

Oslo's 120 Days make Vice Records cool again. Their self-titled debut album was released yesterday in the U.S. and it's freaking brilliant. Fans of Helio Sequence's second album, Serena Maneesh, and the Longcut are already in the know when it comes to 120 Days. Throw in some Kraftwerk, Suicide, and dare I say it, bits of Ultravox? Side note: Jonas Dahl, Arne Kvalvik, Kjetil Ovesen and Ådne Meisfjord used to call themselves The Beautiful People. Catch 'em this November when they make a quick run through the States.

4 Chicago IL - Subterranean
5 Minneapolis MN - 7th Street
8 Seattle WA - Chop Suey
9 Portland OR - Holocene
10 San Francisco CA - Mezzanine
13 Los Angeles CA - Spaceland


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