Friday, October 27, 2006

Libertunes, yo!

I know there's a handful of us who love love love the free downloads at MySpace and others who keep up with what Steve Jobs has to offer at iTunes. Well, people, stop what yer doin' cuz Libertunes is 'bout to ruin the image and style of yer downloadin'. As of October 27, 2006, the independently run will begin it's fight in offering free downloads to all that want 'em. The catch: Libertunes puts the power back in the hands of the artist. The hella user-friendly display is for us music fans, and 100% of the royalties is for the artist.

Here's the deal: if a band is selling their music through popular sites such as iTunes, they're only getting pennies from the 99 cents per download, with the bulk of the profit going to the third party. Instead, Libertunes cuts out the middle man. It's about the band and the fan, 'nuff said. Unsigned bands, independent bands, unite. Libertunes wants to be your friend, too.

The other thing that's cool is that Libertunes will feature bands on tour. If you want a cut of the show you saw, Libertunes will provide bar coded vouchers from that show, which can be customized with artwork and printed in any quantity at no cost. Fans can purchase the voucher, put it in their pocket, purse, wallet or whatever, and when they get home, use the voucher to download the album with artwork and liner notes included.

Well-known musicians and industry figures including Korn's Jonathan Davis, Epitaph records CEO Brett Gurewitz and composer Clint Mansell will be on hand to review some of Libertunes' top-selling artists. Isotope software has already signed on for special promotions with Libertunes. Stay tuned... the CD might be dead soon.


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