Monday, October 09, 2006

Doll Parts

Dudes, you must get hip to Kamibashi! Kamibashi Dolls that is. Chicago expat Kristen Daniels founded the company in 2003 with her husband Chris after spending the last decade teaching university English in Japan. In 2005, the Daniels duo landed in Asheville, NC and made Kamibashi their full-time gig. The fine Asian textile is also the namesake of their famous String Doll Gang, which are individually handmade in Thailand from just one continuous piece of string.

Each little doll has its own unique power. For example, Sid fights off anyone with bad taste in music. Monster Man helps you see the beauty inside the not-so-beautiful, and Scarface takes away the pain in return for friendship. See? Kamibashi pay it forward!


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